Safety and Security

Team Briefing with Instr


All our people are experienced and qualified. Being professional Guides and lovers of life creates an atmosphere of understanding, mutual respect, fun and supportive relationships that is second to none! However, when it comes to the Nitty Gritty of outdoors pursuits, driving, first aid, and personal care provision we excel. We carefully spell out the requirements for selecting and recruiting our staff, to meet and often exceed the activity requirements or industry best practices for qualifications, training, experience and character.




We use satellite phones, satellite Locator Beacons, cellular phones and a combination of all these to ensure reliable communications when we need it. Decision making is a shared responsibility between staff in and out of the field. We also maintain a 24/7 duty manager contact available to all staff, customers and their family or friends in the event of an emergency. The Duty Manager has all the resources, partners and relationships available to them to quickly respond to any events that may occur.




We use only built for purpose vehicles and equipment. Our vehicles and equipment are licensed and conforming to New Zealand’s tough commercial adventure tourism standards.




We are partners of the Department of Conservation, who have evaluated us thoroughly prior to entering into a recognized long term partnership as a safe, sound business operation who will uphold their reputation, contribute to sustaining our beautiful environment, and care for our customers.

We also hold Adventure Mark Accreditation as complying with the NZ government world leading regulations in the Adventure Tourism Industry. This is a statement of safety, learning and continuous improvement, and proactive maintenance of our standards with the industry.

We support the NZ Outdoors Instructors Association. This is the professional qualification body in New Zealand that we use to recruit qualified and competent staff for the outdoors skills components of our programs and activities.