Terms & Conditions

Transparency: disclosure of information

All participants on Arrow Expeditions programs must be as honest and transparent as possible about their experience and fitness prior to booking.

Information provided for each Arrow Expeditions program details a minimum level of experience required. 

In a group instruction situation, if a participant’s lack of fitness/ability severely affects the running of the program the participant(s) will be asked to remain at the hut or other location for certain activities.

Arrangements may be made to evacuate the participant(s) at their own cost. The guide is the final arbiter in these decisions.




Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of deposit or full payment per person and a completed booking form.



Balance of Payment

The balance of fees is due 14 days prior to the start of your trip. In the event of a booking made inside 14 days, the full amount is payable when booking.



Booking for Private Guiding

Bookings for private programmes must be made for specific datesThe period of time booked is the period that must be paid for, regardless of weather and/or other circumstances that may alter the itinerary. For example, if your booking is for 4th to 10th January inclusive, the guide fee applicable is 7 days.

Involuntary Extension of your trip

If a trip is involuntarily lengthened by bad weather (the guided party being unable to safely leave the mountain venue), a standby rate of 75% of normal guiding rates may be charged.




  1. Private Guiding programs:No refunds are due for trips voluntarily reduced in length, except in exceptional circumstances. If weather and/or conditions require the trip itinerary to be modified no refund is due. Some trip costs may be returned if they have not been incurred.

  2. Scheduled Courses:No refunds are due for leaving the trip for medical or fitness reasons. We recommend travel insurance to cover this contingency.




We strongly recommend travel insurance, to cover against cancellation and potential loss of payment/deposits. We accept no responsibility for illness or personal accidents, or evacuation costs if necessary. Accident Compensation may cover some accidents, but not illness.

For cancellations received prior to commencement of your Arrow Expeditions trip, the following conditions apply:

  • A. Cancellation received 30 days or less prior to commencement, no refund will be made.

  • B. Cancellation within 31 – 60 days prior to commencement, a full refund of fees paid, less a cancellation fee of NZ$1,000.

  • C. Cancellation 61 or more days prior to commencement, a refund of fees paid, less a cancellation fee of NZ$500.


Severe Weather Effects

If a trip is severely affected by weather, a credit may be allowed on a future trip, at Arrow Expeditions’ discretion. No refund will be made.



Modification of Itineraries

Arrow Expeditions reserves the right to alter or modify itineraries, accommodation or transportation if necessary, due to circumstances beyond our control.

Scheduled courses are based on an economic minimum. If fewer bookings are received, courses will be shortened as per the specific trip information provided.



Price Changes

Prices are subject to change without notice. Some cost increases are not under our control.