courses for the outdoor adventurer

We offer select courses for those looking to develop a specific skills set, or for those looking to feel more equipped in the outdoors.  From learning how to manage emergency medical situations, to how to rescue someone from a river, to understanding basic risk management principles that apply to any situation, we have you covered!  


These courses are specifically designed to be hands-on, practical, and empowering so that you can spend more time comfortably in the outdoors.  We work with local and national partners to ensure that you receive the highest quality training directly from the experts.  These are entry-level courses designed for those who have limited or no prior training, so don't worry if you don't know something - these programs are here to help! 


The courses are all locally operated and  range from a day to a week, depending on the course and the level of training - check out the specific programs we offer and sign up today!