If you’re visiting the South Island, make time to check out beautiful Queenstown! This crazy city is known to be the adventure capital of the world, and once you're here, you will understand why.  From high octane adventure activities to endless ways to explore the outdoors, Queenstown has it all.  The environment of this city is a huge part of why we're based here, and we feed off it; but we also feed into it by training our guides to the highest standard, and giving them as many opportunities as possible.  


Our day trips are facilitated by our guides-in-training (with oversight by our experienced instructors), and offer a unique opportunity to participate in the education and training for these enthusiastic students.   These trips help our students practice their presentation and delivery of the vast knowledge they've acquired, as well as interact with real scenarios during their education.   These trips are designed to be fun and interesting for you, in part because you're getting to help shape the next generation of outdoor professionals!  The value is not only in the guided trips you participate in, but the way you are helping our students learn and grow, and the ways your input adds value for our students.


All of these trips are guided, transport included, and 100% guaranteed to be fun!